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    But We Are Experienced Marketing Gurus with Over 15 Years of Helping Our Clients Reach Their Marketing Goals.

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    It's About You, Not Us.

    Our vision is to serve our Elevate Marketing clients with integrity and excellence, creating a relationship of trust where we can genuinely be of service. Our mission is to empower our clients to make a difference with their services and products. Our goal is to exceed expectations by using a research driven marketing plan, effective implementation, and accurate ROI measurement that creates successful marketing campaigns.


    Here's what Habitat for Humanity in Arizona had to say:

    "I hired Elevate Marketing (formerly Edge Media) to manage the PR aspects and media purchases for our non-profit organization. They understood that as a non-profit we needed to stretch every dollar and so they "pitched" additional "donations" of media time or print space to our organization with each negotiation they handled. We obtained great value with excellent customer service and raised awareness for our cause at the same time! Elevate Marketing took a very personal interest in our organization and our staff and it showed in their work!"


    Dave Erickson, Emmy Award winning producer, AP award winning journalist said:

    "I worked with Vickie Isaac when I was the Director of Media for a multinational humanitarian aid organization, JVMI. The work JVMI did by providing clean water, free medical, and free dental care in impoverished countries was primarily funded by the revenue generated by our globally-broadcast television program.


    As the one who spearheaded all of our marketing efforts, Vickie was a linchpin to our success. She was vital in creating action plans to drive the marketing efforts of the show, on a micro level, and the organization, as a whole. Vickie paid a great deal of attention to ROI and came up with great marketing ideas to increase them, and the strategies to implement those ideas. She's also very, very good at synergistic marketing efforts between broadcast, print, and digital.


    As a marketing talent, she's incredible. As a person, she's even better. Vickie genuinely cares for those around her, and she was just a fantastic person to work alongside. Vickie was extremely collaborative and respectful of other people's ideas. Anyone who brings Vickie in as part of their team is getting a surefire winner."

    Our Clients Reach Their Marketing Goals

    Here's What Happened at the Grand Canyon with Digital & Integrated Marketing Strategies

    "The Grand Canyon Resort Corporation (GCRC) is a wholly owned corporation of the Hualapai Tribe. GCRC utilized the expertise of Elevate Marketing (formerly Edge Media) to increase direct sales for Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk. As a result of Edge Media's integrated marketing strategies, our direct sales increased by 75% in just three months' time. During that same time period, traffic to our website grew from 1,100 visitors to over 40,000 visitors per month! Elevate Marketing developed marketing strategies for Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk that continue to deliver results for the long haul."


    Mark French, CEO, Blueprint Education:

    "The work Elevate Marketing has performed for us has been exactly what we need. Their evaluation of our website and subsequent website redesign really built the foundation for creating a robust lead generation system. I could not be happier with those initial results and, as we have progressed, the system Elevate Marketing built for us is improving every month. In summary, I could not be more pleased with the work they has done. In addition, their professionalism has made us all better.


    Elevate Marketing has worked with our online school for the last year. Due to their efforts, enrollments are up 42% year to date and our cost per lead has dropped by more than 68%. Our cost per student acquisition has fallen by 64%.


    Steve Newton, CEO of Newton Media said:


    Vickie has a talent to make good things happen in advertising, digital, broadcast, marketing and overall media. Her knowledge of research data and analytics has helped her clients grow and succeed. I highly recommend Vickie Isaac and Elevate Marketing to your organization or company.

    We Keep Pushing What's Possible in Marketing Communications

    Creative Design, Innovative Technology, Memorable Messaging

    Cutting Edge Integrated Marketing

    Here's what Family Research Council had to say:

    "Adding text messaging through Elevate Marketing (formerly Edge Media) is helping to enhance our messaging by allowing us to target specific groups when instant communication is needed."


    Bonneville Media said:

    “With Elevate Marketing the name speaks for itself. The agency is not only on the cutting edge, their owner is one of the people responsible for pushing it forward in all of the emerging media spaces. And together with her traditional media background, that gives Elevate another kind of edge…the
    competitive one.”


    David Holland, InProv said:

    Vickie has amazing marketing instincts and, as an executive displays a remarkable capacity for keeping the big picture in view, even while managing details across multiple channels.


    She has mastered the ever evolving digital marketing space and understands the power of synergy with more traditional channels like print and broadcast. I've observed excellent leadership savvy and the ability to communicate well both horizontally and vertically. A pleasure to work with!


    Dr. John Hodgson, MD said:

    Vickie is a dynamic blend encompassing a feel for the arts and visual media in addition to a dedication to detail and process. In my experience, most persons with great interpersonal skills and awareness are often lacking in the drive needed to drive complex problems to completion. Not Vickie!


    She can understand the need, envision the project and then execute it flawlessly. My experience with her spans 15 years including working with her on medical marketing, non-profit marketing and promotion, as well as educational seminars.

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    Vickie Isaac, M.Ed

    President, CEO

    With over fifteen years of marketing experience in broadcast, agency, for profit, non-profit, and government sectors, and an adjunct professor, Vickie has a research focused yet creative approach that delivers innovative and effective marketing strategies.

    She is not a brain surgeon but uses her brain daily.

    While juggling espresso.

    Marketing Gurus

    Our Talented Team

    We have a top notch team that delivers high quality web and graphic design, content and script writing, internet and social media marketing, media production and buying, market research and strategy. With measurable result. Smart enough for brain surgery, able to split atoms and create a livable habitat on Mars. Well, almost. True marketing gurus.

    Google Adwords Certified

    Elevate Marketing is Adwords Certified.

    We have the expertise to make every marketing dollar count online. You can run campaigns where you pay nothing unless you get a response. You can run campaigns that target people within 5 miles of your business, and click to call you on their way. Or run targeted ads on websites that match your products. There are hundreds of customized solutions to grow your business. Schedule your complimentary Google Adwords consultation today!

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